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 Mission Statement
Accu-Audits Inc. The History of Accu-Audits, Inc.

Peter F. Marne founded Accu-Audits, Inc. in 1990. Mr. Marne has more than 30 years of experience in Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. Mr. Marne began his career as a field auditor working for a fee company, progressing to Underwriting Manager with Westmoreland Casualty Insurance Company: then to a consulting position with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. This long and varied background provides a wealth of knowledge for the company to draw upon. Since founding the company, Accu-Audits, Inc. has provided quality auditing services to many standard market carriers licensed in Pennsylvania. Most if not all of these relationships have been long term.

The Accu-Audits, Inc. upper management team is completed by Vice Presidents Mr. Peter S. Marne and Mr. Keith D. Marne. Each has more than 15 years experience in workers’ compensation insurance auditing. Each has attained the Associate in Premium Auditing designation from the Insurance Institute of America. This is in addition to their Bachelor of Science degrees from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Both of these individuals were exposed to the auditing industry at a young age and were trained and tutored by their father.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in workers’ compensation insurance auditing in its management team, Accu-Audits, Inc. can ensure the timely, detailed, quality audits to its customers.

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Our Mission Statement

The Accu-Audits, Inc. management team consists of five individuals with more than 50 years of direct auditing experience. Mr. Peter F. Marne, President and Project Manager, retains responsibility for the overall management of the account. He has extensive experience in workers’ compensation issues and regulations. He possesses more than 30 years of background in the insurance industry. Mr. Peter S. Marne, Vice President and Senior Auditor, is responsible for technical support, quality control and customer service. He has attained the APA designation and is involved in national professional organizations. Mr. Keith D. Marne, Vice President and Senior Auditor, is responsible for quality review and is the scheduling supervisor. He has also attained the APA designation.

In addition to our management team, we maintain a sufficient number of geographically dispersed professional auditors along with additional in house support staff to handle the auditing work.

Accu-Audits, Inc. encourages continuing education for its auditors by providing for 100 percent of costs associated with taking insurance-related courses offered by the American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters and the Insurance Institute of America. Accu-Audits, Inc. is a member of the National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors and the Western Pennsylvania Auditors Association. In addition, Mr. P. Scott Marne is a past President of the Associated Reporting Companies. Our office maintains a library of information provided by the PCRB for the auditors’ use. Additionally, our office provides the auditors with the ability to access senior auditors from the field. This ability enables auditors to resolve audit issues much more quickly.

In addition to ensuring personnel are kept up to date on the latest regulations and requirements, Accu-Audits, Inc. keeps up to date with continuous capital improvements to the company’s infrastructure. We maintain a direct DSL line for electronic transfer of work. In addition, all of our auditors use laptop computers to complete audits. We occupy our own office building that is capable of housing all of our operations under one roof. This building was designed to our specifications providing a pleasant and efficient workplace.

Currently, we receive and transmit work electronically to many insurance companies. By using the Internet for correspondence our time service has dramatically improved. We are immediately able to go online with any customer.

Accu-Audits, Inc. believes in making a strong financial and managerial commitment to its customer base.
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